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Find Your Balance

Welcome to The Balancing Way

Feeling tired, feeling stressed or anxious...  You are not alone! 

Those feelings are what brought ME to yoga, and because I know I am not alone I bring Yoga to you! 


Your Choice, Live online practice or Membership to all recordings or Private Class in person




Shannon allows us to just do us. Whether you are just laying there the whole class or fully participating. You are refreshing and remind us of our self worth! I've been to many classes and yours is by far my favourite. I am always excited to get back to the mat, I always leave feeling great. Thank you for that.



Love how you encourage inclusion. We are free to push ourselves, or rest our bodies to take what we need out of each class. Your personality and mannerisms make practicing yoga with you easy going and a light atmosphere while still including and integrating mind body connection.



I love that you allow us to work at our own level of what we can do that day. You remind us it's ok if we can't do what we did last time. Your voice is so welcoming and calming and you're always helpful with a pose. You are amazing and have taught me to love yoga.